AlfredCheneyJohnston.com is the leading website on the life, times and artistry of Ziegfeld Follies photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston.  If you would like to receive our ACJ NEWSLETTER or updates about our current ACJ research and new products, simply go to our “Contact Us” page and write the word “NEWSLETTER” in your email to us. 

Our mission is to research and share information on this phenomenal photographer’s work and career.  Unlike his  contemporaries  Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, Cheney Johnston’s work was nearly lost to history. If it wasn’t for his prints surfacing on Ebay nearly 3 decades after his death, his work may never have been rediscovered.

My goal in writing the book “Jazz Age Beauties – The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston” was to document his artistic contribution to the world of photography. It’s undeniable that his work deserves to be studied and admired by contemporary photographers and collectors alike.

Please join me  on this unfolding journey of discovery of Alfred Cheney Johnston’s photography.

Robert Hudovernik

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